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A little gold,A little glitter-DIY DESIGNER NOTEBOOK

Hey guys!! Today I was having a really dull day and somehow wasn’t feeling well..I can’t really explain because I don’t really know..and then I came back home and was randomly going through some videos and pictures and decided to do this.

So it’s basically a DIY NOTEBOOK COVER.

And all you need is:




Chart paper (I’ve used black)

Pen(I’ve used a golden pen)

Step 1:

Cover the notebook with your chart paper

Step 2:

Let your imagination soar and fly and start.

Now I basically got inspired by the whole mandala trend going on right now .. But I’m also a sucker for quotes I ended up with this..

I’m really pleased with myself ,I won’t lie because well,this is my very first attempt..

And I’m really looking forward to do this more !! It is such an amazing stress buster!! 

Hope you liked it. If you did please comment and let me know!!


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