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Maybelline SuperStay 7 DAYS Gel Nail Color : 21 Pink In The Park

Hey guys!!Today I’m reviewing this nail polish called ‘Pink in the Park’ by Maybelline. It’s a gel nail polish and right now gel nails are all the rage!!So read on to find out how this one fared..

Price: Rs.325 for 10ml
About the product:
New Super Stay 7 Days is a gel nail colour that delivers seven days of flawless, chip free colour for the perfect at home manicure that lasts.

Why You’ll Love It

Gel resin formula for longwear.
Enriched with Calcium, Iron and Silica for strength.
Special full-fit brush to sweep on the perfect dose of colour. 

For Best Results

1. Apply a clear base color to make your nail color last longer.
2. Use the curved brush to a thin layer of colour leaving a small space at the base of the nail.
3. Let dry before applying a second coat slightly thicker than the first coat.
4. Finish with a single layer of clear top coat to extend your manicure.


Packaging: It comes in a glass bottle with a white plastic cap.The packaging is sturdy and chic.👗
The USP of this product is the brush.It’s a unique brush with a curved end and it’s flat compared to regular brushes.This helps in distributing the color evenly on the nail and reaching the corners of the nails.All in all,with this brush,application becomes very easy! 😎😎


Consistency:The consistency, I feel,is slightly thinner than regular nail paints.It spreads evenly and dries pretty fast.But two coats are required for a proper opaque finish.With a single coat,the true color is not obtained.
Color:‘Pink in the Park’ is a beautiful baby pink color.It is very flattering and will suit all skin colors.It is suitable for regular days since it is not a loud color,as well as for a day out as it is very chic and girly!It doesn’t have any glitter but has a glossy finish.

Formula:It is a good formula and the 7 day claim is fulfilled by this nail polish.There is sligh fading of the shade and a bit of chipping from the very ends of the nails but it is not noticeable and this nail polish can really survive an entire week and maybe even more!💅💅💅
1.Long lasting formula
2.At home gel nails
3.Nice shade
4.Easily available
1.Price is high compared to other Maybelline nail paints.
Rating: 4.7/5
Yes or No?
Definitely yes!!It’s a quick and easy way to jazz up your nails and it lasts pretty long so you can just apply it and forget all about it until the next weekend!!😀😀
I hope you found this review helpful.Thanks for reading.Please Like and comment and let me know about your favorite nail paints.
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Lots of love!!💞


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